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Listen To Your Concerns - Campaign 2022

Over the last 12 months, there have been 180 votes held at 23 city council meetings. Of the 180 votes, 17 votes were 4 to 1. The same 4 city council members always voted together. The 4 to 1 votes were typically regarding finances or property. The end results being many neighborhoods within Shakopee being steamrolled on how the land in that neighborhood should be used, a $10 million bond debt being created, and our taxes increasing by an average $65 during 2022.

You are probably wanting to know if there were any other votes other than 5-0 or 4-1? Yes. There was one 1-4 vote and one 3-2 vote. This is clearly not a city council working for Shakopee, this is a city council voting as a block. 

So, what does this voting trend mean for Shakopee? If there is always a passing vote on finances, the existing city council are not good stewards of Shakopee finances. If there is always a passing vote on property use, the existing city council are not being good neighbors of our Shakopee communities. 

As your next city council member, my pledge is to listen to your concerns; maintain a balance between growth, development and quality of life; hold the line on taxes and debt; and work tirelessly for the people.


Community Safety - Campaign 2022

We have heard the rhetoric from our neighboring cities. The end result was an increase in the crime statistics in those areas. We in Shakopee are blessed with wonderful law enforcement. They are active in the community, visible, and exemplify what it means to protect and serve. 

As your next city council member, I will ensure that standing up for our first responders continues to be a city priority and that they are always provided with the resources and support they need to do their jobs.

Taxes - Campaign 2022

Inflation, Recession, Depression. We all know their definitions but what does it all mean for the residents of Shakopee? It means we have less income available to take care of our families. While rising property taxes (including our city taxes) take there toll on our individual incomes, our city has provided economic development abatements to companies with revenue in the billions. As we pay more in taxes, our city's yearly expenses continue to increase year over year. 2022 is no exception. City expenses are expected increase 8% over 2021. 

As your next council member, my pledge is to hold the line on taxes, spending, and debt.


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